Toyota: Rebel

If you have read this and you didn’t realize there are two “a”, imagine all you can’t see when you drink and drive. Don’t drink & drive, please.

Institutional print campaign for christmas holidays.

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Madrid, Spain
Creative Director: Miguel Roig
Art Director: Mauricio Duque
Copywriter: Jonay Sosa
Account Director: Jesus Ovejero
Account Executive: Eva galan
Photographer: Getty Images

December 2010


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They could have worked for another hour and find 3 different sentences... not only the double "a" effect...
in that case, one print is enough.

HappyHour's picture
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Where is the connection here? This is just an old optical trick - doesn't say anything about drunk driving impairment. Super lame concept.

luispiter's picture
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i like...the concept is good

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This is a Saatchi spurt? Oh dear. Forgiving the translation ("If you have read this...there are two 'a'...") I'm slapbang in HHour's corner: equating a known blindspot in *reading* behaviour with driving makes happy holiday nonsense of the client; the agency can claim quirkiness. The client just looks like a prick.

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Back of cereal box gag turned into campaign.

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