Toyota Prius: Seagulls

The Prius has just arrived to South America and because of that, nature is happy.

Advertising Agency: Dentsu, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Creative Directors: Diego Duprat, Walter Onorato
Art Director: Juan Geirola
Copywriter: Santiago Soriano
Photographer: Juan Geirola
Digital Artist: Diego Pellegrini
Published: December 2009


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If that's the copy, i dont like it. Either way nice art

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Srivatss N Iyer
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Great photography. Poor ad

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this is so over done fellas, besides that copy is needed.

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It might be needed, but that specific copy is really bad

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I see. Stolen image. And weak idea anyway.

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Bravo, nice steeling

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What is this? Toyota sailed away to a far away shore, and birds are happy 'bout it...?

yeah yeah.. it's hybrid.. therefore we don't have to say anything else...

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Carefull with the images... don't steal them or maybe you bought it i don't know... Anyway, create your own images

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bad astronaut
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no copy needed.

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very nice... but no copy ?

Simple ideas are the best !

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It doesn't need any more copy.

Yes the image is not new, but the question is was it used in a similar concept? I don't think so. Thus this job is original.


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Como la agencia Dentsu es argentina haré mi comentario en español, pues éste es el idioma con el uno dice cosas que no se pueden decir en otro.

Alguien dijo una vez que la publicidad es subjetiva. Todo depende de los ojos que la ven, pero es mucho más importante el nivel intelectual de la persona que la consume. Estoy de acuerdo.
Este no es un ad para vender una cantidad determinada de vehículos (facturación). Es para fortalecer una marca. Claramente están representados los elementos del cuidado del medio ambiente, que es a lo que se refiere el modelo del auto. Una sonrisa refleja felicidad, y la características físicas de los ojos, de dónde viene.

¡ Bravo ! Tiempo que no veía un mensaje tan impactante.

A Diego Duprat, Walter Onorato, Juan Geirola y Diego Pellegrini, me gustaría un contacto con ustedes. Es bueno compartir ideas.

Aldemar Pérez Sterling

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doesn't need the copy. it's good work. but it just feels like another ad that will still blend into the mess.

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too easy

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there is no idea here, this is a real photo that already existed as it is, this guys found it on the internet, knew it was relevant for the message they were trying to convey and just put the logo and did some colors adjustments, that's it, so it's not a powerful message like aldemar said, is a RIP OFF....pretty sad.

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thanks to god I couldn´t find that copy on the ad
good work

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Lazy job. Could have been better with a line of text. Seeing the ad, how is one to know that nature is happy because the brand came to a certain place? There is no indication of it in the ad itself. We deduced it by reading the explanatory line given elsewhere!!

~~this paranoid survived!~~

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bad astronaut
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There is an obvious indication and it's in the name of the car. Lazy doesn't mean making it so obvious a caveman needs help seeing it.

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Copied Idea z_z

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I'm sure it went like this...

CD "Hey designers, look up the words 'happy' and 'nature' on one of those photo sites"
D "Alright - we have 6431 images to comb through"
CD "Hey what's this one page 3? That looks neat."
D " I can make it fit a wider frame and put a beach behind it."
CD "You mean we don't have to look through the other 6428 pages?"
D "I guess not."
CD "Done - you want a coffee? I'm going to lunch."

We've all done it at one point ;-)

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Interesante, idea original que fortalece la marca...
Sin embargo, la foto misma no lo es.

Felicitaciones de todas maneras.

No hay tiempo to lose!

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Pensar más, boludos!

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