Toyota Prius: Deer

- fuel + life

Advertising Agency: Garnier BBDO, San José, Costa Rica
Creative Director: Tito Araya
Art Director: Sandro Rojas
Copywriter: Juan Luis Valerio
Illustrator: Sandro Rojas
Other additional credits: Pablo Rojas
Published: June 2008


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Frits Harkema
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This deer is lost.

Cris's picture
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nice art direction

amburel's picture
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I'm getting lost with these. The animals are being strangled? Please explain, nicely if you can.

jazarah's picture
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didn't really get it, the more oil we get out of earth, the more life there will be on the ground?

brain123's picture
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You read it the wrong way. You have to include the minus and plus signs.

- fuel + life = ( less fuel, more life )

PRIUS is a hybrid car, so it makes perfect sense.

amburel's picture
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This ad still fails with me. It's not clear right away and even after reading and re-reading what you wrote, it still isn't clear. I understand what you're saying, but I can't see how that translates into the ad. The image is just too awkward and negative appearing and that's too hard to overcome.

The only connection I can make with the negative and positive mentions, plus the color scheme and harsh line, is that it looks like a battery. It's the Duracell color scheme. So that part makes sense - but it seems accidental, since the other variations use off-colors.

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Excellent ad!

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So, the rope is white (life). Will the deer be free without oil?

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The oil rig's long pipe (white line) transitions into a noose to hang the deer.
The deer represents nature, earth, wildlife.

Thus.. demand for fuel destroys nature.

Thus.. less fuel (Prius is a hybrid) equals more life.

As in, call to action, save the wildlife, buy a Prius.

C'mon people.

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