Toyota: Piss

The Toyota Tundra is one hell of a powerful truck. With 380+ horses under the hood and a ridiculous amount of towing and hauling capacity, the Tundra is built to get the job done... no matter how big the job may be.

Advertising Agency: Intermark Group, Birmingham, AL, USA
Executive Creative Director: Keith Otter
Senior Art Director: Noah Williams
Senior Copywriter: Jason Corbin
Photographers: Tibor Nemeth, Hannibal Matthews
Digital Retouchers: Alice Blue, Sid Watters / Dark Arts Studios

May, 2016


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the gang star on road.

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Is this real? I feel like Toyota wouldn't want to say the word 'piss'.

Other than that, there's nothing really creative or special about these puns.

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Why use the word piss? Yeah, I'm pissed of this ad. The truck is superb it doesn't need this non sense ad.

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I don't like this ad. It just doesn't make sense. What about the floor mats? Why of all Toyota parts the floor mats was highlighted? Is it just the only good part of this truck? I don't think so. I know it has so much to offer.

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I agree! This ad seems to lack the essence of the product, that is the Toyota Tundra car. That doesn't promote what the car is all about. But maybe this add just wants to convey that the car has a good interior which is why it is referring to floor mats.

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