Toyota: Monkey

- fuel + life

Advertising Agency: Garnier BBDO, San José, Costa Rica
Creative Director: Tito Araya
Art Director: Sandro Rojas
Copywriter: Juan Luis Valerio
Illustrator: Sandro Rojas
Other additional credits: Pablo Rojas

June 2008


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Frits Harkema
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A sea monkey! Very rare stuff.Why though?

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Frits: You didnot really get it, did you??
There is no sea shown in the first place. To depict sea you need a Offshore drill plateform(or whatever its called).

This is not a mind blowing stuff but yet IMO it gets 6.5/10

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Está linda la campaña. Me gustaría que variaran la torre ( es la misma en todos excepto en la del tiburón). Tal vez si las cambian de tamaño o usan una de estas perforadoras que tienen forma de martillo gigante?


The campaign is really nice. I would like to see more variations of the towers (its pretty much the same in all of them except the shark one). Maybe if they had different sizes or used one of those big hammer shaped oil drillers?

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