Toyota: Long stocking

Today Tomorrow Toyota

Producer:Michael Dabrowski

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Stockholm, Sweden
Executive Creative Director: Adam Kerj
Copywriter: Adam Kerj, Amalia Pitsiava
Art Directors: Jonas Frank, Fredrik Svalstedt
Photographer: Andreas Ackerup
Stylist: Bella Rune
Casting: Fiffi Jenkins
Photography Agency: Adamsky

October, 2011


mitali prasad's picture
mitali prasad
458 pencils

why are theyshowing children in a car ad? doesn't make sense to me.....

Hammad S's picture
Hammad S
484 pencils

Is she...jumping on the car?

ek kanya's picture
ek kanya
814 pencils

i didnt get this one.

am an advertising junkie | read my flog at

Nuntype's picture
71 pencils

I don't see a very strong message here other than "Toyota Yaris helps reduce CO2 emissions and thus makes the world a better place for kids", which seems like a terrible message to sell cars with.

Either it's a bad ad or me (and the most other commenters so far) are missing something (which would also suggest it's kinda a bad ad).

I usually like Toyota's ads :-/

albinojc's picture
282 pencils

The mistery of flying kids.

axldvn's picture
7 pencils

looking for an attention from this photo. '_' hope u got it

jjf's picture
260 pencils

Don't jump on me please

Cutarica's picture
3451 pencils

this makes no sense at all

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