Toyota: Efficiency

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi LA, USA
Creative Director: Ryan Jacobs
Art Directors: Joshua Gilman, Michael Gurman, Cindy Rowe
3D: Electric Art
Creative Director: Bruce Bigelow
Typography: Ilovedust UK
Creative Director: Mark Graham

October 2009


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i love this, so simple.. but theres no toyota logo anywhere,.. where are these being displayed?

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i remember this from about a month ago, it just wasn't for this brand...

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that's it, thanks for the link...

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beautiful art direction. nice work, Ilovedust.

| think small |

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I love this typography idea

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WHY IS THERE NO CLUE AS TO WHO THIS AD IS FOR. I gather from the credits it is Toyota. ARE THEY MAD???

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DIG IT! but unfortunately, as a first time viewer, i don't know what brand this is advertising. the only give-away is the agency name. so i assume it's for toyota.

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A stranger abroad
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No, there's no brand name. That is fine if these are posters at a Toyota dealer rather than media advertising. So not necessarily crazy.

If they are dealer posters, they are way better than most dealer posters. Otherwise, they are not great ideas, just typography. But would be good at POS.

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Simple and great, good message!


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there is no fking idea, its design 'as it is' in this space

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complete rip off of audi by bbh

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These are displayed on billboards that have the logo on the installed on the outside of the billboard. I saw this one right before the Lincoln Tunnel going into NYC and there was "moving forward" small on the bottom right hand corner. It was obviously Toyota because the logo was about a quarter the size of the on built above the board itself. Cool to see in person.

Too many cooks in the kitchen....

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1960'S IDEA. We are in 2010...

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