Toy Kingdom: Tax Form

It's great to be a kid.

Advertising Agency: Canvas, South Africa
Creative Director: Michael Ipp
Art Director: Matthew Grobler
Copywriter: Shannon Devy
Business Director: Jackie St Clair Moor
Retoucher: Luke Anderson
Photographer: Lyndon Skibbe


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i like the idea

groovy baby!

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I like the copy.

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The entire series missed it by a whole 9 yards. It lacks insight!
Whats the correlation of Brand and visual. The idea is very weak, trying to benefit from the contrast of kids innocence and sensitive documents, surely does not cut!

Try on other avenue that makes a parent feel the pinch. May be when kids draw on your car or LED TV.

Make the logo Bigger and the black, Darker!

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The only thing that has missed the whole 9 yards is your comment. There is a beautiful juxtaposition between the things adults have to deal with in their everyday lives and the carefree world that kids live in. Where adults have to concern themselves with things like tax and medical aid - kids see a chance to play. The correlation is rather obvious.

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Rabubi - I couldn't have said it better myself. Brilliant, simple insight. Maybe mongoose should go back to ad school. Or possibly change careers. Shame.

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