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A great ad that actually (gasp) shows the product benefit. Nicely done.

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i cant stop picturing that scene with mic dundee making that guy do this with all his coke! ahahah

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yeah, dundee rocks. at least he did in the 80s.
nice ad

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Beautiful thinking.

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Inspirational work.

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I don't get it. Sorry.

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I'm so sick and tired of "creatives" simply just stealing ideas that has been done before. We should expect a little bit more from an agency like JWT. Someone inside there must have known that the excact same thing has been done beore for another pastille. To all of you commenting and saying what a great idea this is: You're right, but you're wrong. It is a great idea, but it's overused. Read some more books on ads (like Taschen books) so you don't fall in the same copycat-trap as JWT Italy.

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JWT: Just Wasting Time

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I'm sorry, this ad just put me to sleep, did I miss anything?

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Must be cultural, i don't get it 'sigh'
Somebody please explain. I feel stupid.

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When people are sick they put a bowl of hot water with chamomile in it and inhale to get better. You can do the same with just one piece of Halls candy.

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Haven't I seen this idea before somewhere. For another client? Hmm...

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It's a great insight, a shame if it has been done before :/

Fail Harder.

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mayb jus a coincidence... cant said its copycat....

William Bernbach - An idea can turn to dust or magic, depending on the talent that rubs against it.

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i saw a tvc this year on cannes website. same thing. won a bronze lion or somethin. maybe same guys did the tv and now turned it into a print ad.

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We've done film and press in the same time. Film won bronze lion in cannes and press silver at eurobest.
If somebody knows some campaign similar or equal, please let me know in this blog, with examples, (name of product, state of issue ecc..).

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funny !

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