Tounsia TV: Sailor Moon

Defies time on Tounsia TV

Advertising Agency: JWT, Tunis, Tunisia
Executive Creative Director: El Zoghlami Ahmed
Creative / Illustrator: Mejri Zied
Art Directors: Mejri Zied, M'Timet Racem
Copywriter: Chouk Houda
Business Director: Mahjoub Ahmed
Planning: Kaddour Hazem
Published: February 2012


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Let me get this right. So, the ad shows us an old version of Sailor Moon, I suppose that's because she is in the real world or something, and then right next to the copy we have Sailor Moon as we all know it, beacause since she is a cartoon she haven't aged at all. Well if that's the case I really don't thing it's clear enough, it's really confusing specially for the kids...

It looks dead. It smells dead. Yet it's moving around... That's interesting.

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Choubaka kennedy
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you work in advertising? not sure...

kleenex's picture
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no no and no.

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The easiest job is criticism! let us see your work dear criticizer :) I like the idea that without this tv channel these comics will be in this bad state! good job tunisia :)

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