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Indra Sinha
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Here are eight ads from the Bhopal Medical Appeal campaign I've been writing since 1994.

Many people will say these ads are too long, that "no one reads long copy". This campaign proves they are wrong. Not only are these ads read, they generate enough income off the page to pay for themselves and run a clinic in Bhopal employing 40 staff.

The clinic and its work are testimony to the power of advertising, because this campaign started without one penny.

The first ad, a double page spread in the UK's Guardian newspaper ran on a personal guarantee to pay if the ad failed. I had to put my faith in the writing and my money where my mouth was. Happily, the public's response was so generous that that first ad enabled us to buy a building in Bhopal, hire staff and begin training them. Fourteen years later, we have given medical care to nearly 30,000 people.

This approach to fundraising is not for everyone. According to expert George Smith (founder of the Smith Bundy agency), writing in 2004, "No charity will ever again be able to rely on making more money from a press ad than it spends on it. If you are a normal charity making a normal appeal on a normal day, you will now be lucky to recoup 25% of your investment."

Why do the ads work? I don't know. But I have been thinking about it, and as first announced on this website in January 2006, have been developing my own writing course. If anyone is interested in this, they can contact me privately.

The appearance of these ads on Ads of the World is an important part of their media exposure. I ask people who read them, if they are moved, to make a donation to support our work, and pass them on to friends, please spread them far and wide.

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im a student of applied art doing my 1st internship in an agency named origami./ i went through this long copy, n my eyes almost filled with tears and got goozebums too. u are true, there are still people who read long copies, i do. others who dont red they are just lazy. nothing much to say... it was just one of the best copies crafted evr seen.

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As you said, it is very long. You really need time to read and understand it.

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Just wondering are you the great Indra Sinha of advertising, if yes pleasure seeing you on AOTW!!

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Yes, he is. He posted another campaign earlier on the same subject that was more visual. You can go through them starting here:

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It's the Legend himself. Forget goosebumps reading the ad, had goosebumps seeing his name on the posts. One of the greatest writers to walk this earth. I am tripping right now. I know i sound like a school girl on speed, but it's a rush.

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That was more or less my reaction the first time I mailed him.

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Ndukwe Onuoha
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MY GOD! what an ad...

Big ideas are often small

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Wish I could write like this; for such a cause and with similar effect. I see god in Indra Sinha's genius!

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♥ get lost ad f...
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mr sinha loves writing. very much.

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dude omg we have to use this piece to do a essay for english coursework