Season tickets.

The BC Lions had an amazing season in 2006, we (Rethink) thought it would be interesting to take
a closer look at all those dedicated opposition fans who made the long trek out to BC Place only to watch their team get slaughtered.

Advertising Agency: Rethink Communications, Vancouver, Canada
Creative directors: Chris Staples, Ian Grais
ACD / Art director: Rob Sweetman
Copywriter: Jono Holmes
Print Producer: Chris Raedcher
Photographer: Patrick Norman
Retouching: Steve Pinter, Jonathon Cesar

June 2007


DarkSide's picture
1066 pencils

Most american and canadians campaigns posted in this site are very boring.
I believe that this show that they are posting the real campaigns and just a few scam ads.

I respect their values, and morals by not sending fake or scams...but the 80% of their campaigns sucks.

Darrin Stephens's picture
Darrin Stephens
242 pencils

Wow talk about thirsty. How's that Hater-ade taste? I respect the fact that you are so willing to share your real feelings about most of North America, and stake your claim as "Biggest A**Hole on this site."

hang-the-dj's picture
1262 pencils

Hater-ade. Ha ha. Had a few swigs of that myself, but it leaves a bitter taste in your mouth.

I agree, too much racism happening on this site.
Just critique each campaign for what it is and leave the reductionism and national generalisations to the neo-nazis.

If you live in the river you should make friends with the crocodile.

DarkSide's picture
1066 pencils

Dear friend Derrin,

There is no hate, it's only my humble opinion on what I see here (Do I have the right to have an opnion?)
I was making one critic and one compliment at the same time.
If you check this blog you'll see that other countries have more creative campaigns and less boring campaigns like this one (That's a critic)
Maybe the great campaigns that I often see here from Brasil, Argentina, India, Thailand, U.K. Spain or whatever place are fake or scam.
I'm assuming that USA is able to do great scam ads but they prefer not to (That's a compliment)

Check this one for instance:
Have you seen something worst around here? Is it yours? Sorry...

I believe that american society is very boring nowadays, too much Political correct, too much paranoia, too much fear, and this is reflected on its advertisement. I Imagine how much focus groups they have to go before being printed and I understand why 80% of what I see in every US magazine is pure crap

Now that I explained my point of view (that isn't the truth as neither is yours) I must tell you that I don't need to call you an as*hole, because THAT would be hate...

Have a nice day, and next election vote for a democrat please.

Darrin Stephens's picture
Darrin Stephens
242 pencils

Dearst Lord Vader DarkSide,
I'm guessing the flavor of that Hater-ade you're slurping is "sour" grape. You're certainly entitled to your opinion about the ads, but your comments were less bout one tiny campaign, and more of a blanket generalization about every agency in two entire countries. Two countries you apparently don't know a damn thing about. Your statement was not true and I could not allow it to slide. By the way, why are you bothering to keep up with what is going on in "boring" American society? Sounds to me like you're wishing you were here? Tell you what -- I'll make a deal with you. Let us Americans worry about who the president is in this country, and we'll let you worry getting those pesky thongs out of your butt down in Brazil.

Now you have a super day, and may the force be with you.

PaulyG_fill in the blank's picture
PaulyG_fill in ...
1148 pencils

I'm not sure there have been enough Canadian ads posted here for you to make such an ignorant statement.

DarkSide's picture
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Dear Darrin,
I spent 2 precious minutes of my life reading your track profile.
I discovered that you like to pick up arguments and get your a** whipped. They call it a "Masochist"

(read again what you say and see how pathetic you are)

Thank you but when I´m not busy working I prefer to see ads (boring like yours or great) than to discuss with people like you. All been said, I won´t even spend one more second with you.

Darrin Stephens's picture
Darrin Stephens
242 pencils

Yeah, you better run away. You thought you could talk that crap and get away with it until you realized you were dealing with someone that could handle themselves verbally, and you were going to get your Brazilian thong wearing a** handed to you. You better run....wuss!

ellehcimeo's picture
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Where are my Toronto peeps? I'm up in arms over this one! We've won it as many times as they have since 1985 (4 times each). I must say, this kind of bragging on their part doesn't bode well. You've heard of sore losers, how about sore winners?
And the big pointing hand is sooo played.

Nthngmn's picture
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I'm from toronto too, and let's face it man, the argos are ass. This is a Leaf city through and through. The Argos are just here to give the custodial staff at the dome something to do.

ellehcimeo's picture
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Really. I think many will take offence to that sir. Considering they did win the Grey Cup so many times, and so very recently.
And let's not forget our dedication to The Jays.
I'm surprised by your reaction and gall considering how well the Leafs have done... rather have not done and will never do. '67 anyone? 40 years of cupless-ness. Leafs town? I think not, the Leafs fans fall like it's Autumn when they don't do well. Quite a fickle lot actually. The custodial staff are tired from picking up all the garbage on the ice from Leaf games, and wiping the human stain from their changeroom.

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I think this campaign is GREAT! :) love all of them!

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