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In my opinion this print is a lack of respect for our profession. I can't believe this has been approved by so many people.

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This one is the best, though I miss the public in the background. I like the thought but all in all the execution of these ads isn't that lovely and the product and the logo of this brand is obviously an ingrate factor which ends up in a boring layout.

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the idea is okay... the crowd is missing, that's for sure.
the most urgent thing what really takes me down is the bad photoshopping...
for example the shadow of the bull... there is always more than one shadow... and there is also never such a clear line all around a shadow... please take some sketching lessons... that's the best you can do to archive your feeling for reality.

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good idea. bad execution.

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I'm a little torn over this campaign. I like the "Judo" and "Urinal" executions. I immediately got the idea and it was a nice connection to the product. Mopeds are like bikes for lazy people. That's a good truth. But the woman with dog & diaper didn't work for me because she WAS making the effort. She's gotta drag her ass outta bed in the morning and walk the pooch. And to be honest, I'd rather do that than change a diaper. The bull one struck me as just kinda sad. As if that bull isn't exposed to enough animal cruelty already. Now you're gonna put a bullet through its head? I'd lose those two executions and come up with others.

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nice idea just nice but poor execution.

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Man with gun and animal, negative message. At a guess would say young females would be their target, and students etc.
Probably didnt need the headline, just the sub at bottom: "Electric bikes, less effort."
And tell the client the logo his daughter drew on coral draw 10 years ago has to go.

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Bad message. Bad visual. Corrida is one of the worst "show" in the world. Using a gun against a bull is worst of worst. Easy...too easy. I disagree... :-(
PS. excuse my english.

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great workk...

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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Nice idea (sic) but it have 2 negative points:
1° shows animal cruelty
2° shows Violence ( the gun)

And i agree with lifeonmars when he (or she) said that Corrida is one of the worst show of the world

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1 - Bullfighting is a cruel, specicist way of torturing an animal. Associating a product with that is a ultra-negative message.

2 - Guns are a bad association too, they are somewhat a symbol of violence. That plus the poor bull, who will die a violent death, is a ultra-negative message AGAIN.

But then, THE PRODUCT IS HORRILBE TOO. ELETRIC BIKES? WTF!??? Everything now tends to go with the message "let's pedal and be healthy, thin and beautiful, thanks to the exercise." "Let's not consume more energy (even if it's not gas, it's still polluent or bad for the enviroment, unless it came from a wind-gathering (aeolic) source, wich is still rare in the world) because the world suffers from it."

So, maybe, the public for this kind of product will be fat-awful-people who just want the Earth to go f*ck itself, the animals to be treated with cruelty, the pedophiles to priests to rape babies, etc. Then maybe, this ad is just right for this kind of people.

I suggest another good one (kind of the other): A mother showing their son to her husband, and he holding a shard big knife in his back, semi-hidden in the diapers he's supposed to change... WHY MAKE THE EFFORT?

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Crikey, I need a chamomile after that.

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Type and logo are awful.. idea not too bad and nice execution... I have no problem with the shadow of the bull lorem_ipsum... in summer shadows are like that !!!

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Activity Score 196

In my opinion this print is a lack of respect for our profession. I can't believe this has been approved by so many people.