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putting someone out of business because the product is so good is an old gag

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can someone please explain what a toothFairy is? does she clean the teeth? Why does she have do brake cars? And isn't the murder in thomas harris >Red Dragon< called toothFairy?

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the other point i have is a tooth fairy only takes your tooth from under the pillow when your very young, your teeth HAVE to drop out its got nothing to do whether you brush your teeth or not.

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It's advertising, not biology class.

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actually it is biology, im not going to buy toothpaste because the ad is cool

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justpassingby is right. Also, the benefit of Listerine is for fresh breath is it not?

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The consumer will get it. I think it works just fine. The tooth fairy is a fairy tale character who collects teeth that have fallen out - I don't think you have to get technical that it only works for children. Consider all of the Christmas ads using Santa Claus that use adult characters.

Listerine has been positioning itself as a gingivitis killer not just fresh breath so it works strategy-wise too.

If everyone took advertising as literally as some of the comments here we'd all just be creating fliers and coupon books.

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Blahg, im all up for crazy ideas, have a look at some of my other comments but it should be crazy with soooome kind of reason.
I mean if you had a dentist out of a job it makes more sense (still an old gag) but a toothfairy is too far off, the idea is already far off so there should be a balance.
One of my favourite ads was a a venus fly trap sitting on the side of the road with a hand written sign saying, "will work for food" that ad was for a bug spray. Remember that?
I loved that print ad and that was not literal at all but somehow it did make sense, venus fly traps do eat flies and if you kill all the flies it will starve.....
do you see what i mean?

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A solid argument. I don't agree with you but I see where you're coming from.

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I agree with justpassingby. When I think of the tooth fairy, I think of children losing their "baby" teeth and putting them under the pillow. The tooth fairy has nothing to do with losing your teeth by not brushing. At least not in America. If it did, kids would never brush their teeth so that they would fall out and they could collect the money for their rotten teeth.

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Obviously the tooth fairy and Listerine have a pretty good connection, even if it's not 100% logical. But what does stealing a car have to do with either of the above?

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Blah and justpassingby have my vote too.

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I think the thooth fairy helps taking away the bad breath at night, or morning breath....something like that...

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When you lose a "baby tooth" as a child, you leave it under your pillow the following night. The Tooth Fairy (AKA. Your Mum) takes away the filthy thing as you sleep and leaves you a small sum of money in its place.

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billy Hill

When I lost my tooth I got a pony but we were stinking rich.

This ad is a bit stinking rich too.

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Too flawed, too forced.

If you're gonna scam, at least be really clever about it.

I saw this whole campaign in a crappy little local magazine (all in the same issue) with probably the cheapest media buy in the country. So now they can enter in Press as well as Poster campaign?

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