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I'm almost certain that I have seen this before somewhere.

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you have - it started as the Maytag Man, in about 1950 frigging 4!!
christ! Is there not an original thought out there, anywhere?
it really does me in when people dress others' ideas in fancy goddamned clothes & present it for our praise.
assholeslike this have ruined the idea of award shows.

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I'm not sure this one works, because tooth fairy comes to collect teeth children loose as part of natural proces, and i don't see how and why should this toothpaste prevent that??

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Pat Bijkerk
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Just what I was thinking. Maybe they have another kind of tooth fairy in Australia, otherwise I don't get it.

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I' wondering if those who say that "there's no new idea" have original ideas of their own.... it's really pitty to come here and trashtalk someone work just because their standards is being mean and stupid. I thinh almost everythins is done, and sometimes you'll find idas that are similar to others without meaning u stole them.

My brain doesn't have a backup files for stuff that have been done before, i can't copy what i haven't seen. So let's be more realistic and move over those cliche's. Let's demostrate why we are an amazing industry!

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you ripped it off. period. then submitted it for our approval, which is not forthcoming.
deal with it.

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except, here we do not talk about ad not being original, but that it does not show benefit - and that's what good advertising is all about, isn't it?

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Art Direction is awesome in all of them

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Corner Store
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I like the way these ads look, I don't like the idea all that much. I get it, it's just not that great.

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tooth fairies are for kids. this ad doesn't speak anything in tone with a kids world view. its dark and somewhat edgy. tooth fairies stealing a car...good example. i know where its heading but it poorly done.

Lord Feiser
Angel of The Bottomless Pit

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