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Very nice !

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Guest commenter

Nice image, i like it but maybe the workers should be in the toolbox with some real tools which creates more athmosphere. Right now they look like they're just sitting there, but maybe that's the point.. (well give at least one of them a cup of coffee..) ;)

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Guest commenter

The workers are the tools itself.. and they don't even have the money to buy coffee... :-)
That's the whole point of the campaign!

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Just sitting there... Must be a union shop. Badump Ching!

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I don't know, the idea is nice, but the execution?
Showing a toolbox with workers inside and writing "workers are not tools"?
Don't say what you show. Or don't show what you're saying.

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They didn't say what is shown... otherwise they would say 'Workers ARE tools'. Not the same...

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Nice campaign.

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Sexy Visual and neat and clean idea, Art Direction is amazing.


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Good strong insight, works on many levels.

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missed my turn
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I've known some co-workers who were big time tools.

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Guest commenter

looks great, but why are they in a sewing box

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Nice Message..................

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Guest commenter

the line contradicts the visual b/c it shows the workers as tools. close but no cigar

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Guest commenter

Nice idea. But the retouching needs more work.

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Nice work!

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