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Its bullet proof, not granade proof.
I like to see how that really works with a hand granade.

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No lo entiendo. I Can´t stand. Alguien expliquemelo. Someone Explain me. Gracias. THX

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andrej dwin
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given the image colombia has here in europe, this seems to be an unintended pun on the creators themselves :-)

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Moronic idiot, scram.

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Old Toyota cars have glass windows which do not break when hit by bird poo or tomatoes. Um, good.

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only in colombia

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Clief Kole
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Its not very clear to me but I guess bullet will make bird shit on Toyota bullet proof windscreen.sp "Grenade" am yet to know whether bullet proof window can stop a grenade!

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If they say so .. it should be granade proof. If not, it's providing wrong information which is illegal. And I don't think Toyota would risk that.

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I think it has a much more simple explanation: for this Toyota a grenade is nothing more than a tomatoe: almost no impact...

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It dosnt say: The Stronger Toyota, its says: "Original factory bullet proof".

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Explanation for those who dealt (congratulations the_capywriter) and for that not: The subjective visual sample that thanks to the original shielding of factory, for whom any danger is inside a Toyota for seriously that seems, meets insignificant.
A 9 mm gunshot feels as if a bird had dirtied it. An assault with a hand grenade is scarcely as if they were throwing a Tomato. Nothing happens. Nobody does not feel. It does not concern.

This shielding applies it to the whole car. And yes, it works.
Yes, in Colombia, since in other countries of the world there are risks of attempts. What we sell is that there is a car that can protect from them.

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Juan Carlos Jav...
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Okay, I still doubt that a hand granade attack is going to feel like they throw a tomato.
(I dont congrats the copywriter) if you have to explain it, it doesnt work. Is that simple.

And the ad says: BULLET proof, not original shielding of factory.

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LMAO! @ Postman's response

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Mohammad Hassan
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what a stupid tomato !!

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Ed Mintone
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is there a smart one?

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The word is "grenade." But that's a tomato. I'm lost.

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in latin america, there is a juicy fruit called granada, so it's a play of words, doesn't make it good though.

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Hey Chad...is this ad your work?

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Weak. A benefit as serious as bullet proof should have been communicated in actuality. Would have made more sense. The impact of a bullet on the windshield / window glass would have created a beautiful ripple effect. bang on! Bullet vs art.

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student work?

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i think chad's explanation makes sense, but the copy doesn't help. If you read something like HAND GRANADE = and then saw the tomato, then it would be clearer.

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Chad si una idea es buena no tiene porque explicarla, ni tiene porque hacer malos comentarios sobre lo que la gente dice al respecto de su aviso, para eso la publicó para que la gente opinara... además con cada comentario lo que quiere decir usted es: "miren la idea si es buena , lo que pasa es que no se han dado cuenta"

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I think this ad is not properly understood by people outside of Colombia. If you were living there i think you would easily make the Granada/grenade connection and the play between the two, as well as know that armoured cars are very common there. A major form of crime there is kidnapping, and this occurs to middle class families, not only terribly wealthy ones. So yea I think this is a very localised ad, it wouldnt work anywhere else in the world, which is fine...

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