TOKARA Winery: Wine machine

In 2006 TOKARA launched the first annual Wine Made Art event which involves South African artists using TOKARA wine as an inspiration and even as a medium.

The winery commissioned works of art which were launched at a TOKARA Wine Made Art event to coincide with the release of the TOKARA-branded wines for 2006 on August 28.

Advertising Agency: Riot, South Africa


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these are absolutely fantastic work of art!!

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Agreed. I love these. Booze = Art. Excellent.

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Whoever posted these forgot to mention that each piece of work is painted in the wine being advertised. 100% no cheating. The line reads, "TOKARA RED ON WATERCOLOUR." The Pay-off line reads, "TOKARA. WINE MADE ART.
The paintings were converted into these print ads.

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Thank you for sharing the info!

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beautiful art work.

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The idea of using the product to create the image is certainly nice, although I think the Cannes-winning Marmite stuff - you either love it or you hate it - shows that it can be taken a step further.

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Stunning and truly original...

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