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Haha! cool to see a lazy campaign made it. put it in fitness magazines please!

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same feeling about this one... what if the man was just shown working at his desk with a catheter bag beside his keyboard, or just a wet spot in his crotch?
instead.. here it just looks like these other dudes are checking out his package.

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Mister Ham

I'm not so sure with the campaign.
Those are all nice and funny visuals, but it would work for a electric toothbrush too or any other product that replaces your work. The ad is not telling anything about the product, just showing analogies. Hmmm… 
I wonder if it is relevant to the target group. Who buys those electric bikes?
I remember seeing old guys on bikes like those, but those ads are so fahion-like photographed…

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c k

agree tcbitt, also it seems so dumb.

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does'nt the man need to stand up so he can open his zipper and get his ... thing ... out to do this shit

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maybe thats why he's looking at the other guys. he's asking for their help...

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PaulyG_fill in ...
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wheeling your chair into the washroom and sitting down while you aim at a urinal would actually more work.

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I hate these ads. The message is terrible. When I look at these, this is what it feels like the company is saying:

"Hey, we're all lazy f*cks, why don't you be a lazy f*ck too!"

Not at all funny, not good. And that Watt World logo is beyond hideous.

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Actually i think lazy f*cks are the target! come on.. who wouldn't be embarrased to ride one of those unless he is ;)

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u made me really laugh tcbitt

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Why make the effort of doing a good campaign?

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Negative message but funny...

Awful logo but love the pics.

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oh zzz

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