Today FM: Penguin

Shave or dye 2011
Watch out for nesting penguins

Today FM briefed us to create an advertising campaign for 'ShaveOr Dye' The idea is that the presenters shave or dye their hair and in turn asklisteners to do the same to raise money for the Irish Cancer Society. Thecampaign we came up with highlights some of the unexpected dangers you mightencounter with a dyed or shaved head.

Advertising Agency: Irish International BBDO, Dublin, Ireland
Creative Director: Dylan Cotter
Art Director: Kirk Bannon
Copywriter: Di Tansey
Photographer: Adrian Stewart
Account Director: Ken Kerr
Account Manager: Alexa Wolff

January 2011


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dean viii
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There's a real lack of communication in this. I don't know what the event is and I have no idea what the penguin line is about. And what's that have to do with a golf image? Your explanation explained my first two questions, but that's not in the ad as copy, tag or headline, so you're leaving people clueless.

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@ Dean, I think this penguin ad is the most difficult of the series, but in the context of the others it's not impossible to decode: shaved heads = eggs, don't walk beneath penguins. Ditto, golf with green hair.

Am guessing this is supplementary to radio coverage, regional knowledge of the charity, and media coverage of the campaign. So I think the only people who wouldn't get the idea would be the blind community. My worry about this one is that baldness is associated with cancer already, and having the word 'dye' linked with a cancer charity... is a bit f*cking thick really.

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Reality Check
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It's advertising on the wrong side of the so-bad-it's-good line.

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Rather have a rookery of pinguins on my head more than anything else.

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WHAT???? HUH???????


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good that they left a brief to explain what they did. i'll die with less questions!!!


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Shave or Dye for a Cancer Society??? un poco fuerte, un poco mucho

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