TMO: Tentacle

For him, donating a tentacle isn't a problem. For you, donating bone marrow shouldn't be either. When you donate bone marrow, only 10% of your marrow is removed and, within 15 days, it will have regenerated completely. You don’t lose anything and you can even save a life. Visit and find out more about being a bone marrow donor.

Advertising Agency: Heads SP, Brazil
Creative Directors: Silvio Medeiros, Fabio Miraglia
Art Directors: Silvio Medeiros, Pedro Galdi
Copywriters: Gabriel Sotero, Alpho Ramsay
CGI: Fuze Image Makers

February 2014


pen234's picture
79 pencils

cool.. the eye is my Fav

tim_bro1's picture
140 pencils

Love the art. But might be worth running 'an' spellcheck before releasing ;)

Adam Bestwick's picture
Adam Bestwick

Donating "an" tentacle and "an" thorn – is anyone copy reading these ads?? The craft is not simply in the visuals guys!

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