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pretty good
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I like it. It should read "people", not "persons", but I like it.

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I dont like it... you use tragedies that have nothing to do with the water problem only to show how many 8 million people are?

Plus the result on the ad is a glass of clear water. Shouldn't be muddy or toxic water?

The whole thing doesnt make any sense.

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Couldn't put it better even if I tried... Same sentiments shared here mate.

Who turned the world upside down?

:: Put your ears against the ground so i can walk over what you heard::

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It's not funny, but make me smile...
Cool design and bad idea.

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I do believe they're trying to say that we pay a lot more attention to the Titanic and 9/11 than to preventable diseases caused by non-potable water. This ad is badly translated and they've made it more complicated than it should be, but I like the sentiment. Millions of children die every year of treatable diseases from dirty water - but people would rather give money to 9/11 families. Not that any giving is wrong, but media focus is skewed and we've turned off our sensitivity to 3rd world countries.

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exactly, but I think they did a decent job of translating it up until the water part. It should be dirtier to get the point across more.

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What? I don't get it. Are you saying that if I don't drink water I'll die? Titantic and 9/11 in this ad is morally wrong. You could have come at it with a totally different angle.

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Luis Maram
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I agree Teenie. In Africa millions of children die every year of treatable diseases from dirty water... but that tragedy isn't in TV every day so we accept it like normal.

Related the ad, ok, i undestand the idea but the execution is bad. 9/11 is a difficult issue to explore in advertising... even social adv.

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The line of thinking is nice, but the equation doesn't make any sense, because a glassof clean water can't be used to represent the lack of clean water.

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Does anyone know how they do those numbers? or what soft do they use?

Nice campaing by the way.

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If they can back up those numbers, then the situation is worse than 9/11 and Titanic. So I think it's justify for them to "upset us". The math is there.

--good idea is enemy of great idea

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My only problem is the glass of 'clean' water. On the other hand... even polluted water can look quite clear...

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Since everyone's being so literal...just because the glass of water looks clean, doesn't mean it can't contain bacteria that can kill and even dirty looking water can be safe to drink. I have no problem with this ad, and actually think it's great. Regardless of your position on the morality of this execution, we all reacted to it. And isn't that the point of PSA ads, to stir our emotions and make us want to take action?

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cool design, bad idea to use a ship wreakage

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Wonderful execution liked alot

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The art and concept are great. I totally love them, there is only one big mistake in execution. It actually says that 2,000 times titanic and 911 is equal to a glass of water??? That doesn't make sense. It still works because of the copy and because we change it in our minds to sya what it is supposed to say: that those tragedies equal the same as LACK of water. So, at least, if you want to keep it like this the glass should be empty in order for it to make sense.

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no. it's saying that if you take the number of people who died when the titanic sank and add the number of people who died in the attack of september 11 and then multiply that number by 2000... you get the number of humans who die each year from infected water. the irony is that so many more people die from polluted water than died on the titanic or at 911 but no one cares or talks about those deaths because they aren't spectacular. people subscribe to hype and they need to be "offended" to shake them out of their trance...

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i like it a lot.. ITS A GREAT AD. everybody else is just jealous..

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The math is wrong... Under these circumstances u do the X first and only after that u do the +.

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