Tipp-Ex: One night stand

Made a mistake?

Advertising Agency: The Jupiter Drawing Room, Cape Town, South Africa
Executive Creative Director: Graham Victor Warsop
Creative Director: Tom Cullinan
Art Director: Dana Cohen
Photographer: Michael Meyersfeld
Illustrator: Wayne Troskie
Copywriter: Shane Durrant
Via: Bestadsontv


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Good campaign, but the wine bottles give the wrong message.
It means he invited her in the first place, not that he got drank and took her home...

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Johan Nerman
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Who says it's a she? Maybe it's Chris Cocker. Now THAT'S a mistake!

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Javier Ramírez
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She´s the mistake or she is the solution?
The product is a mistake? This don´t work for me.

Ella es el error o la solución?
El producto es un error? Creo que no funciona.


Chief Creative Director Nexus BBDO

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"he" doesnt get it.. :P

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not clear

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ziad hamdan
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"Hmm... lessee... went to the club, had a few too many, somehow brought home a big plastic bottle instead of that blond I was chatting up. Okay, definitely time for AA."

I wouldnt mind these so much except that the focus is on such a narrow range of "mistakes", and even then the messages, as we saw in the baby and marriage ones, are working a bit against themselves. It's not a terrible campaign, but a poorly thought one.

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This one reminds me of one of the ads that was part of the post-it campaign that came from the same agency. Tut tut shame on them - come up with new ideas!

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