September 2008

Print advertisment created by The Jupiter Drawing Room, South Africa for Tipp-Ex, within the category: House, Garden.

Made a mistake?

Advertising Agency: The Jupiter Drawing Room, Cape Town, South Africa
Executive Creative Director: Graham Victor Warsop
Creative Director: Tom Cullinan
Art Director: Dana Cohen
Photographer: Michael Meyersfeld
Illustrator: Wayne Troskie
Copywriter: Shane Durrant

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Guest commenter

Very nice ad. And yes to answer the first question, the product is used a lot by finance and admin departments.

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Activity Score 1601

You mean there's people in the world that still use this stuff? The product is well rendered into the layouts, but that's about it.

I think, therefore... yeah.

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Activity Score 1504

Nothing happens...

Jesus H Christ's picture
Jesus H Christ
Activity Score 2

Well at least they got the "mistake" part right.

Like, shitty casting: the bride doesn't look upset at all at her supposed mistake and where's the priest in all of this? Surely they weren't married by an invisible clergyman. Not convincing at all. Then there's the FACT that they probably spent loads of cash on this in an attempt to make an amazingly incoherent idea into a campaign in the hope of winning awards. Which brings me to my final point - STOP THE SCAM!!! You can smell it a mile away. "Hi people at CNA stationary stores. You're in dire need of a print/poster campaign to increase sales of Tipp-Ex. Yes, we are serious. We'll even do it for you free of charge! Isn't that great?...... Hello? No, pleeease... we promise no one but the advertising fraternity will see these ads...Hey great, thanks!"

Advertisers of the world, please, if you're gonna do scam ads (and you are), at least make them worthwhile.

I have spoken.

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Johan Nerman
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Religion is a mistake, so naturally, in a Tipp-Ex world, the priests would all be erased.

SeanMartin's picture

What is this mania for putting the message line down in one corner and the logo on the other side of the ad? I've seen this way too many times now, and every time it just adds to the work in figuring out the visual flow.

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Activity Score 174

Nice photography, 3D and styling.

The idea tho is a little scam. Besides, who uses tippex anymore?

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Activity Score 92

i understand where they are going with this... but it seems to me that they are showing the product itself as the mistake! why not actually white the person out of the photo, and show the bottle down in the corner with the text... i also agree with jesus h christ (never thought i'd actually say that...) that the girl doesn't even look upset... maybe it woulda been better to show hands holding an old wedding photo with the groom whited out... i dunno... overall,,, this is pretty lame...

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What does a wedding have to do with TIPP-EX?

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Guest commenter

To be fair though, she wouldn't look upset on the day of her wedding. The mistake part is a realisation later on. That's how I see it. Agree with whoever said they shoulda actually tipp-exed the person out, not put the bottle in their place.

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Guest commenter

Very nice ad. And yes to answer the first question, the product is used a lot by finance and admin departments.