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141 pencils

Don't think I would get it without the headline given by Ivan.

mohairstu's picture

what's the headline?

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By the way. I don't think this i s very appetizing. Food products and toilets in the same ad. Hmmmm... Maybe it's just because I'm having my lunch while I look at todays ads.

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If you wanna communicate small behind, you might as well use something else that people sit on. Why not a tiny chair, bike seat, swing and so on....

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Sir, you are correct.

However, the ad's strategy is overdone and uninspiring.

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It's kinda weird cos this toilet seat doesn't necessarily mean small bum. The guys cheeks might be huge. Rather, what this ad is saying is that drinking diet coke will reduce the size of your sphincter.

axelk's picture
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yes. my first thought was that it does something to your digestion

Wordnerd's picture
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yup me too. first thought: what a huuuge butt

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i think a tiny toilet would work better than just the toilet seat being small. overall i think the idea won't work though, whatever kind of shrunken seat you put in the ad, it would make me think that it makes you into a miniature person...not thin or healthy.

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This was a concept that the creative team should have talked about with each other, and left it at that. If this is a real ad, it was a mistake.

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♥ get lost ad f...
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what TEAM?

due to its artificial sweeteners, diet coke is in fact a laxative drink that makes fat-arsed monsters have the munchies for sweets and fast food.
but i'm quite sure that coke light is not interested in spreading this insight.

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yeah looking at this without the title, you think 'why did they make a toilet seat for a can of diet coke?'

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boo and diet coke... yum

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right.. my bad

poo* and diet coke... yum

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bad student work. you don't want your main visual to be a toilet when you're selling a food product. diet coke's messaging is all about taste. and i see none here they'd want to be associated with. this sort of execution would be more appropriate for a gym. a line might help as well. doesn't have to be overly creative. just something to get the idea across faster. also, "smaller ass" is probably more appropriate directed at women. i'd find a more feminine bathroom to shoot. you might try salvaging it that way. but either way, it's not very strong as a one shot. you'll need a couple more to make a campaign. i'd resist the urge to tell the same joke 3 times (small ass.) try to think broader than that.

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ippy cruz

when you produce something better, like a decent username, call us. until then eat a deeeick

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if i produce anything as bad as this, i'll quit. then again, i'd probably be fired for even presenting it.

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bad idea

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Major disconnect.

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Surly creative ...
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Fantastic! Now all you need to do is campaign this out using vomit and piss.

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Holy shit, ... how about the men?
I'll stop drink diet coke, my dick will get shorter LOL !

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or it improves your aim.

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Yo leo: Si sos una enferma anoréxica, seguí siéndolo con Coca Diet, pero para no irte por el inodoro cuando peses 30 kilos, te damos una idea.

Divino el rol de la publicidad! Este aviso nos reivindica!

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"Diet coke fits perfectly into this toilet."


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Actually, Diet Coke, is often used as a toilet cleaner, fact.

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enough with the diet ads portraying tiny things. this concept has been overused already.

it also gives me the impression that diet coke will give you the runs. not appealing at all.

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Many people who drink Diet Coke are overweight. Can you imagine the mess they're going to make on that small seat. If they ahve had too much milk and Nacho Cheese, I guess the mess would kinda look like Diet Coke.

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Maybe they're trying to tell Bulimics that there is less to have to vomit back out.

hieveryone4's picture

Are you trying to say only anorexics drink Diet Coke?

Blahg's picture
616 pencils

Actually I implied Bulimics. :) Anorexics wouldn't have much use for it.

loverboy's picture

You guys will all feel pretty silly when this ends up getting One Show GOLD this year.

hieveryone4's picture

How much does it cost to bribe the One Show judges this year?

julezs's picture
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very funny loverboy

looking at the visual, the ad, only one thing comes to mind... this ad needs be flushed down a toilet

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The new diet coke dispenser.

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Jarne von Wolfsburg's picture
Jarne von Wolfsburg
264 pencils

* * * * *
you don`t shit big with this coke?

tbtf's picture

maybe diet coke is so great/addictive that you won't see the need to eat and only have to pee? yeah. simplicity is only affective when applied to a solid idea.

shola's picture

too controversial, there are better ways of driving home the same message even with the same visual, think smarter next time.

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Sumo wrestlers use same kind of toilet seats...

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