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The idea is kinda cool but makes for a boring cover

Good is the enemy of great.

Good is the enemy of great.

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timeout is a mag that gives you info on the
entertainment, hotels/restaurants and a lot
more about a particular city.

fresh work.

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It's time that ad schools reconsider their bloodsucking tuition coz apparently it's not worth it.
This ad is not working. No one hands a magazine that way.
I either hand it from the middle, or put it on a table.
Would work perfectly on a newspaper, though. One with a cover.

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idd, the hands are very strange. But hey... disabled persons also have the need for time out

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as a print ad this works well, maybe.
like ibeg2differ said: no one hands a magazine that way.

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... and no one reads it that way either. you put it on the table or on your lap. it's just as annoying as those posters playing with the backgraound and only work from that exact angle they are photographed for the award shows

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