TIM: Infinity plan

TIM infinity plan.
No more frontiers in between more talking and less spending.
You, without borders.

Advertising Agency: NeogamaBBH, Brazil
Art director: Daniel Leitão, Max Geraldo
Copywriter: Silvio Amorim, José Luiz Martins
Photographer: Bruno Cals
Illustrator: Super Lúdico
Typographer: Super Lúdico
Digital Artists: Eduardo Oliveira, Daniel Leão, Carlos Morelli, Alessandra Perez, Roberta Souza, Alexandre Manzano


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where´s the idea? brazilian ad was good, some day.

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These look horrible. In a bad way.

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Why? Why the Blue Man Group? Why is this woman forced into the ad? Why is any of this happening? I feel like I'm on acid.

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what a horrible idea!!!


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why doesn`t the woman put some colors also

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too much effort for this idea

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J Designer
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Ok to be honest I don’t know why the blue man group was featured in these adds (I only know of them from when they were talked about on American sitcoms)… but I can deal with that. But I don’t understand why the woman features here. She sticks out like a soar thumb.

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I don´t get it. I don´t want to get it.

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who don't is brazilian do not understand this AD!

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victor_oliveira, please speak properly!

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Frankly, I dont even know what kind of the company it is.

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TIM is a telecom company.
The campaing is stupid, it is a shame. Advertisers seem to play with the expression "less spending", as they are doing with client's money.
Here, it has no impact. Nobody remembers this, care about this, understand this, fall in love for the brand because of this... it's just terrible, a great oportunity for staying in bed and not going to the agency ever again.

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