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Have Heart
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I saw this campaign quite often and somehow I like it. No real idea, but great art-direction.

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They've taken a lame pun ('espress yourself' as in 'express yourself' as in 'espresso' as in... oh, forget it) and used it as a justification to take pretty pictures. Execution: 10/10. Concept: 1/10

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I thought this was an ad for Target.

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I did too. but wait there's more. Bet you Target will bite this style.

Arnold Santillan

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100% target!

especially the Spoons one

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I love that they are making coffee so fashion.

Lavazza bring out an awesome calender every year, and these images where used on it.
They always have great ads. I love that these are on here!
I remember watching the behind the scenes for these a year or more ago on Fashion TV. Absolutely amazing photographer.
He reminds me of David LaChapelle.

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"Hey guys I've got an idea for the new Lavazza campaign, well actually I don't have any 'ideas' as such but they've given us a shitload of money so lets just do something crazy, y'know like LaChapelle does, then we won't have to bother concepting. Right, let's go to the pub."

Budget over thought. Absolute crap. Target do way better than this.

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Jonny Lonestar
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express your photo budget.

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Well said Johnny. Good name dude.

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Good work Andrea Lantelme, Haitz Mendibil, Riccardo Pagani.

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good art...but thats it...good art!

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Does it make you want to run out and buy coffee? No. Does it make you want to hang it on your wall? Possibly.

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