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April 2013

Professional Line. Scholar Line.

Advertising agency: DDB, Medellín, Colombia
Chief Creative Director: Rodrigo Bolivar
Executive Creative Director: Rodrigo Dávila
Creative Director: Daniel Calle
Copywriters: Daniel Calle, Lorena Salazar Masso, Jonathan Marulanda
Art Directors: Juan Carlos Espitia, Daniel Felipe Calle, Mauricio Cortés
Photographer: Augusto Cartagena
Typographers: Federico Giraldo, Daniel Calle
Illustrator: Simón Ramírez
Account Manager: luisa Fernanda Giraldo
Production: Sandra Urrego

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certaintly's picture
Activity Score 3994

it looks nice, but i dont understand.. i think it's a problem with the copy

eins-eins-null's picture
Activity Score 894

sorry, but the problem lies DEFINETELY not in the copy, mate...
good ad, very simple, very clear, straight on the product. but as said: done.

certaintly's picture
Activity Score 3994

could explain it to me?

what does scholar line mean?

a person who uses the pencils for writing?
but these are colored pencils, colored pencils are used for drawing, not writing.

eins-eins-null's picture
Activity Score 894

"scholar" in the sense "pupil" or better "someone who is trying to become good"....

certaintly's picture
Activity Score 3994

then i revert back to my original comment: it is indeed a problem in the copy.

scholar refers more to a "learned person" than to a "pupil" - - in any case, it invites confusion.
1. a learned or erudite person, especially one who has profound knowledge of a particular subject.
2. a student; pupil.

salil.sharma's picture
Activity Score 2428

Very Nice ! Excellent Art Direction

Designer Don't Do Different Things
They Do Things Differently

Andrej Troha's picture
Andrej Troha
Activity Score 613

He he... nice! Simple and clear.

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Activity Score 2869


CACAHD's picture
Activity Score 2188

C'mon, we've seen this kind of ad 65334 times. Be fresh!

kleenex's picture
Activity Score 49532

nice ads even if done like 111000000000000000 times before.