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ive never got to the logo...

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i did, just to think, thanks.

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DON'T protect your eyes!

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haha the_capywriter, i agree ! i won't protect mine either !

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but i agree that i will never go to the logo

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Jon-Paul Mountford
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There's a logo?

Seriously tho, this is going to get more bloke's attention, than the gal's it was aimed at.
I wonder what the female's opinion on this one would be, ie funny, amusing, sexist, degrading.

At first glance I thought it was an advert for some heat/nuts/celebrity trashy mag type thing.

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In my opinion - as a girl - I think it´s a funny picture. But seriously... Being a little smarter than Britney Spears doesn´t make me bye anything. Talking 1:1 does. Nice shoes though. Anyone know the brand?? Ü

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keep yourself tidy when you become a celebrity?
this ad passes like a dark ship at night. except for the girl, of course.

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wow yum

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are her panties stained with blood?

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not much of an ad. might be better if she had a big, hairy bush

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...and I've only just seen the "when image is everything" ad in the latest (Aus) Campaign Brief. Bring on Fanruary! :D

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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Beautiful car!

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Don't like that rims!

30'' é pura propaganda

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joanna gorilla
Activity Score 88

Why is the leg so thin?

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because she isn't a gorilla?

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Activity Score 472

Kreative fox must have done some retouching ......while shoting and photoshoppin.......Nice one...never felt the ad like this before.

"No think is impossible"

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Wow! nice shoe )))

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thony troll
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Actually, she looks like a shrimp ... like me and 36 chambers.

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hahaha. what fun this is,
ok im passing the verdict ... the ads NO GOOD!!

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my oh my;-))) What the hell is that? Is it an ad? lol Ok, the girl is hot, so? I agree it would be better if she had a bush showing;-))

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no good.

should i look skanky with alot of whore on my heals to enjoy a brazilian?!

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who's the model?????

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