Tide: Coffee

Advertising School: Miami Ad School San Francisco, USA
Art Director: Maximilian Pinegger
Copywriter: Justin Salice-Stephan

December 2009


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Complete with tongue huh? I think the one kissing the nose is the best.

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hm maybe "because stains fuck your clothes" would be funny

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lol ! for sure


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Javier Ramírez
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nice work guys. well done. good campaign.

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ahhh miami ad school, as in not a real campaign (the tongue sticking out should be a clear evidence of that), so maybe some idea borrowing is going on

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Why the tongues? Unnecessary detail.

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Nice work... better idea 6/10

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Marlus Lau
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Yeah, the first one is the best. But for a student ad this is very impressive.

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Wadih A3
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mmm seen before

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it's hard to judge who did the campaign first. However, the art direction and photoshop is quite good. Nicely done.

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