Tide: Boy

Put stains back where they belong.

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Mumbai, India
Executive Creative Directors / Copywriters: Santosh Padhi
Creative Director / Art Director: Santosh Padhi
Photographer: Amol Jadhav
Account Supervisors: Tahira Nath, Chetan Rao
Advertiser's Supervisor: Pratima Chandra

June 2008


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guys i have done the same campaign for my college project and some people from leo burnett agency had come 2 see it. some of my ads got selected for student's contest in luerzersarchive.

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Kindly send a link.


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a similar campaign had been done by a student from sir jj institute of applied art some 4 months ago! dinno leo burnett takes so much inspiration from a college student.

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so here the kid places his weiner on his mummy. nice.

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Silver Lion Press Category, 08 :)
India At Cannes'08

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Hmmmm... no comment from krautland???

So, the father with the daughter implies something to you, but the mother with the son does not??
You can't have it both ways man.
The son is even holding a phallic symbol man! lol...

Looks like Whitespace beat you to it however.
I thought there was hope for our species... I guess not in our lifetimes:(

"Submitted by krautland on Sun, 2008-06-22 08:09.
oh, that's nice... you know, in spite of 'old man with cute preteen' image."

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Hopefully thats the babysitter because putting your weiner on your mum is not right.

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just so forced.

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