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a world of confusion...

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the line is very confusing

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trans galactic
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love the campaign, really good idea.

only thing, i think the art direction resembles the tamiya campaign (also fm bangkok) too much.

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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Tamiya work was BRILLANT. Everyone got it right away. Went over big at awards shows.
But THIS, I just don't know where to begin. Idea seems way too convoluted and abstruse. I really don't believe regular consumers would get it...

Oddly enough though, the product message still comes through rather intact. Go figure.

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It's a campaign build for the award judges and advertising creatives' masturbation. Absolutely scam! I mean, for the normal daily consumer, do you think they ever get it??? And worse, consumer won't be able connect this to the Tamiya campaign at all; hence not getting the message! Both Tamiya and Super Glue consumers are not the same consumers.....

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Dry is another concept, in this ad i feel the act's quick not the "dry".

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hahahahah, cool

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I like it!!

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Who uses glue to fix glass? I can see the Tea but not this one.

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Made for awards. But i like it.

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Being a fish owner and collector this ad makes me sad. HA HA

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having the contents on the floor and the bowl intact raises confusion for me too.

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