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Of the three this is the worst... I had to read it several times over... the other two were quick and concise.

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The copy may be written a complicated way, but I clearly get the message. It tells me typical washing powder ads brainwash people into buying stuff. And, this practice is questioned, because this is the kind of advertising that people associate with advertising in general. Annoying, repetitive, brainless propaganda. This is why the advertising profession is despised by many people. This is why they think it is brainwashing. But, the ad claims – advertising doesn't have to be brainwashing, it can be good advertising.

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1953 pencils

I think this one is out because the other two are more generic and quick.

Usually shorter copy says a strong statement... this one takes the loop a little too far.

Still strong, but kinda outta place with the other two.

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Uhhh.... so okay, wait. Laundry ads that wash your brain (ie - convince you to buy their brand of laundry detergent) are BAD?

Isn't that the whole point of advertising? This campaign is all conflustricated.

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