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I'm pretty sure the ketchup is actually covering something completely.... ???

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Don't know how far it works, but made me smile.

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"How far it works", the ad or the ketchup? or are you wondering whether the ketchup actually holds the fork up right?

Its a good ad, but personally i dont like very thick ketchup.

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It gave me a smile at first glance, i guess i'm missing the appetizing part of it... maybe they should have used a chip instead of a fork.

Now... inspire me!

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boring like most of Heinz ads.

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erm, is thick ketchup a good thing? and i agree, a chip or anything whould have been much better. a fork is forced

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ya a smile for me too. i think i like this

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Don't think a chip would do the trick. As long as you take enough sauce, a chip will probably stand up easily. Off course this is exaggerated, but that's ok. Which does not mean I like the ad... ;)

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Heinz... Again?!

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the creative idea goes 2 ways;

i) Heinz ketchup is so thick it can hold up a fork
ii) Heinz Ketchup is so delicious, you can substitute it for a meal.


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i) nobody wants a ketchup so thick
ii) a substitute for a meal - this is a relevant promise - and better than i)

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This is nice.

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Just about nice.

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Gorilla Lover
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Possibly the least creative way to say "thick ketchup".
We need to think of ideas that the account team wouldn't come up with in the first 5 minutes of a brainstorm. please.

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mmmmmmm I like it!!! simple idea.good!

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Nice, simple idea. Heinz has been billing itself as the thick ketchup for a long time, so you can't blame the creatives if you don't like the strategy.

This does feel a little spec/student-ish to me. Either that or they need to hire a better food stylist. The ketchup blob just doesn't look right.

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instead of a fork, maybe a french fry (or other ketchup appropriate food) would've been stronger. i'm not in love but i don't hate it.

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Yup it's thick. But that does not look appetizing at all. It reminds me of those dried up gobs of ketchup you'd find pasted on the eat-in trays at Mcdonald's or BK.

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It's a nice visual and neat thought but probably the ketch-up could have looked better.



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LOL! People are eating wax now?

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thick ketchup? do we really need it? of the benefits of a sauce (ketchup as well) should be it's ability to make a meal more juicy, shouldn't it?

anyway, it definitely delivers the message.

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anyone who doesn't like this needs to lighten up.

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You have ideas this is most important! You have idea? You have all!

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I'm pretty sure the ketchup is actually covering something completely.... ???