ThermaCELL Mosquito Repellent: Picnic

Mosquito problems? ThermaCELL is your most effective portable protection against mosquitoes and black flies. The device chases away up to 98 percent of stinging insects within a radius of 4.5 meters, and outdoor applications are virtually unlimited. Protect yourself from mosquitoes - all over!

Advertising Agency: Nyehoder, Oslo, Norway
Art Director: Jason Kinsella
Copywriter: Trygve Lorentzen
Photographer: Marcel Leliënhof
Published: November, 2009


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Where there is smoke, mosquitoes won’t come. Because smoke (from wood, dung, etc.)works as a repellent in the third world countries. So I think a little attention would have been given to it. Otherwise, it’s nice. And funny.

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in the first world countries smoke does not work as a repellent?
oh, yes, insects from the first world like smoke so much that they even create more and more smoke and put all in our enviroment.
clap clap.

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I believe that you two are in agreement and do not notice it. What hidearshake may have been doing is complimenting the ad, but stating that he believes a lot of attention and thought did not go into the image. His statement is why is the guy hiding from mosquitoes if there are franks cooking to the right of him with smoke rising? If smoke is used to repel mosquitoes in a third world country then it should work anywhere.

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chris myles
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I totally agree with Hidearshake.

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design wise i think its not balanced enough

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about the ad: forced.

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again ... no comments, since much better could be done to highlight the product attributes.

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Amateur photo.

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why is he having a picnic with so much food by himself?

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apart of smoke factor, its funny & cool


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