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Like the logo… but isn't the idea behing the ad just the idea behind the logo, executed worse?

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Jonny Lonestar
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the idea is in the copy, which is gorgeously art directed... not every ad has to be a witty visual solution... which these days are usually watered down.

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I'm a copywriter and I couldn't get through this. It's not that the copy is bad, it's that if you're going to wrap copy in an image it damn well better be compelling.

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agreed. the writing is repetitive and a surprise is missing. there is no reason for this being that long other than a copywriter indulging himself.

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Mr Hughes
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They had the chair idea before the words. You can almost smell the writer's perspiration.

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I agree with Salet. Too much of the writing serves no real purpose. Maybe try cutting the word count in half, and see if the chair effect can still be done.

Still, copy in the shape of an object isn't new. Still, the last few sentences, where you use "big" a bunch, seems more like a car liquidation sale ad than one targeting CEO types.

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