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the mighty ham
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Very cool. I hate whoever did this.

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Damn. This is really amazing art direction! Like the parachute guy the most.

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love it. it's really cool. way to go mate:0

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Very cool. The parachute one is my favorite. Great art direction.

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good work guys!!
the entire campaign is great.
just this one here make a paradox in my mind...
i don't like the image of a cut of a tree... here in Brazil we lost many trees every year for predators woodcutters... (around the world too)
before someone say: "don't be so politically correct".
i already repeat: i like this campaign a lot.
but i am sure the idea don't depend of this particular image...
if i can, i never will show a tree been cutting in an ad.

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I like it a lot. The log one is my least fav. The sky Diving one is the best.
Sweeeeet campaign. Sweet.

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drunk dave
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Nice one.

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Bravo, good art direction.

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instinctive tra...
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I think this one's the coolest by far. The art direction is fantastic.


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Is the top half of the tree floating?

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yeah, I really like these. Go PITTSBURGH!

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