November 2009

Print advertisment created by Smith Roberts, Canada for The United Church of Canada, within the category: Professional Services.

We're just glad you could make it. Norval United Church. Our Doors Are Open.

Advertising Agency: Smith Roberts Creative Communications, Toronto, Canada
Creative Directors: Malcolm Roberts, Brian Smith
Art Director: Jenny Luong
Copywriter: Omid Amidi
Photographer: Tom Feiler

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Don Rapper's picture
Don Rapper
Activity Score 223

lets see if they welcome him when he start shooting everyone.

Hibon's picture
Activity Score 3736

So what ?

Simple ideas are the best !

bad astronaut's picture
bad astronaut
Activity Score 544

so they welcome all kinds of people.

mial's picture
Activity Score 6

Jajaja, las Iglesias se parecen cada vez más a Coca Cola. Ya hasta hacen publicidades! genial

silvi's picture
Activity Score 4172

Wait wait... This is the wrong message. The rapist too? I don´t want my family near this church.

Jaap Grolleman's picture
Jaap Grolleman
Activity Score 6992

Oh man you're reading my mind!!! I was thinking exactly the same thing! Some people are long past the point of forgiveness and the only two places they belong are either the graveyard or prison. This ad is sending a wrong message indeed!

sagi7ario's picture
Activity Score 42

lol! You are absolutely right!

satrianee's picture
Activity Score 3748

he repent and came to ask for forgiveness... already good people won't need the services church is offering, right?

but if the message was like that... than we can assume the nudists are bad, and a russian playing hockey is against god's will... silly things make me speak stupid.

AmOgodzzz's picture
Activity Score 826

I like the message in this campaign. Most church advertising tries to be cute but comes off as condescending and preachy. This strikes the right balance, though. They're clearly saying that they welcome all kinds of ppl/they won't judge you, and that you can come as you are. The execution is great. This is a win.

CGilb09's picture
Activity Score 572

Same here. Although it isn't the greatest campaign ever, I do like what they're trying to say.

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Grrrr's picture
Activity Score 1961

So your doors are open, huh? How come you have doors at all, then?

Etc, etc.

germanhudders's picture
Activity Score 336

I like it, and the church normally promotes a message of forgiveness to all so its in their line of thinking, you may not agree with them (silvi or jackmancer) but if that's their message they're right on target

Javier Ramírez's picture
Javier Ramírez
Activity Score 1243

Parece que las puertas de la cárcel también están abiertas...

Chief Creative Director Nexus BBDO

Creative Zelda's picture
Creative Zelda
Activity Score 57

Negetive Message, but religion had always negative messages...

rolling.stone's picture
Activity Score 2741

i thinks this is better

since they are calling people from all spheres of life, idea is ok, but i am skeptical about nude one


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Don Rapper's picture
Don Rapper
Activity Score 223

lets see if they welcome him when he start shooting everyone.