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December 2009

Print advertisment created by JWT, United Arab Emirates for The Times, within the category: Media.

Time it's in a rush. My fingers, deep into my palms... tick... deeper.
Tock... tighter. Then it happens. The first blinding try.
The Times. Official Media Partner Of The Emirates Airlines Dubai Rugby Sevens. Dec 3-5, 2009.

Advertising Agency: JWT Dubai, UAE
Creative Director: Chafic Haddad
Art Director: Layan Aziz
Copywriter: D V Hari Krishna
Account Head: Prabhakar Iyer

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Hibon's picture
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Today "archive" looks more of a artist gallery ad work... and the "forum" of a advertising agencies work. I love these illustrations but i already forgotten what this is for.

Simple ideas are the best !

satrianee's picture
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Beautiful illustrations and fine copy... Maybe it would be better if the brand would be a little more legible -thus remembarable (colored maybe).

thedesignaddict's picture
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Very nicely art directed. I do agree with Satrianne; the logo needs to have more emphasis. If people are going to take the time to read the long copy you should reward them with a quick payoff.

Qwerty's picture
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As for "beefing" is not for nice. Slant it on to for read now. Smell on the curbing tops.
Liking and cooing!

hermotsura's picture
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guys, that stuff on the bottom is completely lost. i had to look three times before i could make out what's what. nobody's gonna make the effort.

I like the copy, tho i think that more could be done with the dynamics of it - it's got a few great lines that could be explored typografically to create a better, stronger visual. also, to be honest i'm not quite happy with the typography execution: it seems a bit random, liKe TeEnaGerS wRItINg liKe iDioTs... i am trying to see the hierarchy but it's like they tried to give all the words the same status, and by some mistake a few got smaller in the way.

this particular visual is, in my opinion, quite mediocre. reminds me of roman statues and dust, not of robust young sportsmen. besides, i don't see a reason why the whole poster/ad is so wishy-washy. some color would be nice

lynz's picture
Activity Score 104

I completely agree. The logo is completely lost and I didn't try three times, I just couldn't read it! I feel that they forced the logo and call to action, and were determined to make it work with the visual. I love rugby, have been to the the sevens a couple of times and this look doesn't really reflect the event or excitement what so ever. I realise that this is an ad for the times, but at a first glance I didn't think it was an ad for this at all.

Phil Lestino's picture
Phil Lestino
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Tick deeper tock tighter???????
I'm sorry I think the copy is absolute twaddle..
Then it happens...thank god for that...the suspense leading to that 'blinding' try
was....Tick harder, tock longer killing me!

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Activity Score 2374

good typography, fucked up copy content. and the concept is like wtf?

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Alexandre Brito
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whatthefudge's picture
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Jeez... The copy describes what goes through one's mind in the beginning of a match. The tension, you know. The concept is quite clear: Times is a media partner for this rugby event. It says so in the bottom right corner.

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I like this!

Ensamblador's picture
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I like it very much, but agree with satrianee about the brand.

tchifi's picture
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Beautiful art ! what's the brand again ?!