The Times Newspaper Middle East: Guantanamo Bay

It takes one Al-Qaeda terrorist trained in Yemen and arrested in Detroit airport with 80g of explosives in his underpants to make underwear a more scrutinized travel necessity than a bottle of water, discourage several million Middle-Eastern tourists from visiting Disneyland and convince the latest Nobel Peace Prize winner to reconsider shutting down Guantanamo Bay.

Advertising Agency: JWT, Dubai, UAE
Creative Director: Russel Heubach
Copywriter: Sally Amirza
Art Director: Sally Tambourgi
Account Manager: Omar Adaoui
Published: February 2010


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sandhya rao
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every of these ads are independent of copy they should have been in the layout too...kinda boring on cause of the same layout

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I like the copy but the message is not clear enough although implicit...

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Boring work

Simple ideas are the best !

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