The Talking Line, 1

March 2007

Telia is the biggest operator Sweden, a large country where coverage is important when you chose your mobile operator. If you don’t have good coverage, your phonecalls will be cut off in mid-sentence because of lacking capacity. Telia has the best coverage of all operators, a fact that is known to the public but usually associated to coverage on the countryside, not in the cities. The objective for this campaign is to visualise the superior coverage in a very urban situation and environment: the Subway of Stockholm. The idea is to let a monologue span and move according to the content of the dialouge over big posters to illustrate the payoff: Uninterrupted talk with the best coverage in Sweden. The monologues are carefully written for their individual placement, the poshest area has monologues from posh people and the bohemian area with a bohemian monologue for example. The campaign was widely appreciated for its dual purpose: you don’t need to read the monologue to get the idea but if you take you time to read it, it’s even more fun!

Advertising Agency: Storåkers McCann, Sweden
Copywriter: Christian Sundgren
Art Director: Sofia Ekelund
Accunt director: Lars Staffas
Account manager: Pernille Nylen
Final art: Nico Paredes

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