The Sunday Times Rich List 2011: Hamilton

The Rich List is published annually in The Sunday Times. It's the definitive guide to the nations richest 1000 individuals. The objective was to make readers of Sunday papers aware of its publication and get them to buy The Sunday Times instead of their normal paper. We selected a number of celebrities and focused on a particular visual image they are famous for. This visual image then formed a line on a graph to depict their career and the effect it's had on their wealth. So Simon Cowell's graph was plotted on the V-neck of his trademark white t-shirt. Amy Winehouse's graph was shown on the outline of her bee hive hair style. And the ups and downs of Paul McCartney's fortune were illustrated on his guitar.

Advertising Agency: CHI & Partners, UK
Executive Creative Directors: Jonathan Burley
Creative Director: Micky Tudor
Copywriters / Art Directors: Matt Collier, Wayne Robinson
Graphic Designers: Dan Beckett, Rob Petrie
Art Buyer: Emma Modler


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Been some good ads for this. These are fine.

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nice idea

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The graph chart and image combo is nothing new.

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not a really great idea.

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No. No. No. No.

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Evidence that rich is not the same as creative or good.

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