The Standard: Music

Where there’s news, there’s The Standard.

Advertising Agency: Mccann Kenya, Nairobi, Kenya
Creative Directors: Tarun Batra
Art Director: Tarun Batra
Copywriter: Inam Kazimi
Photographer: Simon Cox

July 2008


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I'm really ignorant about Kenya, but i'm guessing this drummer is famous. Don't like much the photograph. But if he is famous I think it's ok. A good idea. Now, if this drummer is not famous, it's not a very good job. At least they could have work on photographs a bit more. And if he isn't famous where's the news?

si fai il mio nome, non ci sono più...

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it's kenya guys, maybe one of the first thing i see from a kenyan agency.i don't think they have gorgeous photographers and all the facilities we are accostumed to.

so good job rafiki! mambo?

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A well-known - not known ... What's the difference? Matters rhythm of the music, the drummer who asks. And it is associated with the rhythm of news in the newspaper

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i think the color photo throws it off. maybe a black and white would help to emphasize the color paper.

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The difference is, its not news if that guy isnt someone newsworthy.

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A black and white image would probably work better with the newspaper in color to maintain its brand.
And yes, if the drummer is not newsworthy it just is not news.

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Am a Kenyan, i do not know the drummer, the thing was interesting but did not really capture a lot of attention it was almost just another work of art!

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