The Sprout: Thigh master

I never have trouble getting my hands on a plump breast or thigh. But it's always the same. I'm not fulfilled. And the experience leaves me feeling tired and greasy afterward. I'm looking for something new. Fresh. Stimulating.

Advertising Agency: Target, Canada
Creative Director: Tom Murphy
Creative Group Head: Jenny Smith
Copywriter: Sarah Park
Art Director: Natrix Ma
Photographers: Ned Pratt and Dejan Vuchichevic

January 2010


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if he is in THE restaurant shouldn't he be excited.
definitely stimulated if he has already had his meat. excited if he has ordered for it. but he seems rather disappointed.
i realize his expression has a lot do with the idea and the text that follows. anyways there's fun and pun in it

swamijivanutsav's picture
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I agree with you - if he is IN THE restaurant, he should look excited, either waiting for the order, or already had his meat etc. .... and I also agree with you on the pun too! Cheers

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I think this campaign is a new, fresh take on the restaurant business. I like it.

I'm here doing this, but feel I should be there doing that. But to do that, I have to be doing this. Does this make sense or do I have to explain that?

Jaap Grolleman's picture
Jaap Grolleman
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Hahah that slogan lol.

chris myles's picture
chris myles
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the campaign is really good.

rebelscum's picture
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I'm bored to hell already.


I have thousands of pencils and $1.50 so I'm off to Starbucks

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well i know dear you are disappointed with more or less same breast & thighs go for something new, lol


~ Quite obviously, I have gathered no moss ! ~

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