The Singleton: Alpine Snow Golfers

The Singleton as approved by Alpine Snow Golfers
Join the worldwide taste test at

Advertising Agency: KK Outlet, London, UK
Creative Director: Richard Walker
Art Director: Will Thacker
Copywriter: Blake Waters
Photographer: David Stewart
Producer: Alex Nicholson

November, 2010


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I posted a comment BEFORE Jack Mancer.


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So they're going for the quirky drinker, okay. Whole campaign's a bit flatline to me, no peaks, surprises or unexpecteds. And the call to 'join the worldwide taste test' is a simple counter. If you 'approve', the counter goes up. If you disapprove, "not to worry, go here and see if you like these instead" and in both cases you get an external link.

I think it's a real shame not to actually do something interesting with this, especially when you're getting visitors expecting a taste test. Hopefully it's not too late.

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I would love to taste the drink. I personally liked the creative.

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