The shame

July 2007
Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Chicago, USA
Chief Creative Officer: John Condon
Creative Director: Noel Haan, G. Andrew Meyer
Art Directors: Jeremy Smallwood, Julie Scelzo Fitzpatrick
Account Executive: Ryan Farrell
Copywriters: Pam Mufson, Desmond LaVelle
Photographer: Tony D’Orio
Studio: Giannini Creative Imaging

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mpared's picture
Activity Score 562

yeap...quite good ...the vintage art direction was done very well

Wordnerd's picture
Activity Score 6692

I don't get it. What is he doing? (i know what its supposed to look like)

Shekh Imran's picture
Shekh Imran

Nothing special

khaikai's picture
Activity Score 8

there has a misapprehension
after eat the Altoids, boy feel so hot/concussion sure he take off his trousers !
but the mather think he is console hiself !(see the wall paper)
yes or not?

BJ's picture
Activity Score 102

what do you mean Shekh?

roloroyce's picture
Activity Score 8

Shakin` the monkey. Old Fashioned, don`t you think? I don`t see an Idea behind, can you help me to find it?

Maxwedge's picture
Activity Score 558

Bloody good these, classic.

PS. Wow, yes i would like a big fat suitcase of Nigerian cash, send it to my account in the Bahamas if you would.

deacotrim's picture
Activity Score 75

greaaaaat. absolutely great.

andrea cotrim