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August 2008

Print advertisment created by Hoopafied, United States for The Ruskin School of Acting, within the category: Education.

Advertising Agency: Hoopafied, USA
Creative Directors: Justin Hooper
Art Director: Justin Hooper
Copywriter: Chris DeNinno
Photographer: Stock

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Javier Ramírez's picture
Javier Ramírez
Activity Score 1243

El mejor de los tres.
Simple y claro. Me gusta.

Chief Creative Director Nexus BBDO

bknowlden's picture
Activity Score 3647

The others are ok, but i really love this visual.

misterpanda's picture
Activity Score 282

publicado en septiembre del año pasado

Favete's picture
Activity Score 365

Yup, i saw it before! BUUUUUUU!

izmild's picture
Activity Score 770

No! it's plain. no idea!

Guest commenter's picture
Guest commenter

I've taken shits more interesting then these

funky_frogii's picture
Activity Score 2538

this is the director chair i think?

infected by a virus called creative

Infected by a virus called CREATIVE | "And ya I Love Everything" |

i am zero's picture
i am zero
Activity Score 142

because it's simple, its better than other two... any time

pashya is zero

iT-iS-i's picture
Activity Score 1721

Why would an actor sit in a directors seat?

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brandsurgeon's picture
Activity Score 693

Um... let me try to answer that for you.

a) Because most actors dream of and eventually end up directing their own films?

b) Because maybe even though it's called "Acting School" there may be other related courses like Dir 101?

c) Because that must have been in the brief and you still don't get it because all you're programmed to do is diss other people's work without a valid reason why?

Choose one.


Most times, worst enemies used to be best friends...

Favete's picture
Activity Score 365

d) Because maybe it's a more comfortable chair than actor's.

Come ON!!!! You are making a story out of it. It's a director's chair and that's IT! Not a Director's school so you have no point in that answer.

iT-iS-i's picture
Activity Score 1721

I guess we now know who this piece belongs to. its still crap mate, no matter how much backing you give it.

:: Choose your words wisely or I'll stab you with a point of view ::

:: Put your ears against the ground so i can walk over what you heard::

SeanMartin's picture

Sorry no, he was pretty much spot on. Poeple here *do* diss work just for the joy of being the first to write DONE on something (and more often than not, never saying *where* it was supposedly DONE before) -- which might account for why all three submissions to the AOTW Research contest put emphasis on DONE as a leitmotif of this place.

This ad is far from crap. We've seen far, far worse, ads that truly *are* crap in every sense of the word. Name this one for what it is: acceptable. Not earthshaking. Not bound for the annuals. But something clean and simple that gets the job done, no more, no less.


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matks's picture
Activity Score 476

Agree, but it's better to know that somebody somwhere in the world has done similar work. You avoid disappointment(why didn't it make to the shortlist?, why?).

Well... I hate to write this, but this one above has actually been done before. The visual, idea and product are exactly the same. Look:

Of course it doesn't mean it's been ripped off. I'd call it bad luck.

SeanMartin's picture

I'd agree that it's probably more bad luck than a full fledge rip off.


No, I am not a media buyer.

losvanvan's picture

Para el q se copio la idea y para el que gano en un festival de Bolivia:
Anuncio ochenterisimo y muy primera idea.

ninjak's picture
Activity Score 76

i prefer this than the other 2.