The Royal Parks Foundation: Embrace your inner squirrel

Is your life more interesting than a squirrel's?

The average Londoner leads a tough life. Long hours, packed commutes and the hustle and bustle of big city living can make it hard to keep things in balance. The Royal Parks play a vital role in restoring the equilibrium, providing fresh air, open green space, and culture to the millions of people who live and work in London. And all for free. We want to reach Londoners at whats probably the pinnacle of their stressful London lives, their commute to work. The goal is to remind them of the resource on their doorstep, encourage them to visit and to gently remind them of the role the Royal Parks Foundation plays in making the parks special.

Advertising Agency: MyAgency, London, UK
Art Directors: James Crosby, William Cottam
Copywriter: Jason Scott
Published: November 2010
Media: 48 sheet poster at London Underground

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Odd way to approach a subject. Given the UK's ongoing fight against the grey squirrel that's involved culling them since 2006, and the fact you're reminding your audience that they're no better than drone bees in their repetitive behaviour, and the fact that you make the cardinal error of turning a closed question into a headline (yes, my life is more interesting than a squirrel, next question), then ignoring that headline with a non-related payoff '(now who's nuts?') I'd say you did a pretty bad job at copywriting a decent-looking ad.

And the 'Nigella' referred to in the ad is Nigella Lawson, a famously lascivious TV chef, daughter to Nigel, Margaret Thatcher's Chancellor of the Exchequer

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Re: "...reminding your audience that they're no better than drone bees in their repetitive behaviour..."

In other words, they are saying you need to get out more and learn about the fantastic intricacies of nature. I think this is the right message.

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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I get your point Ivan - I got their point- and while the message of 'fresh air and forestry' is right, I strongly question the application of confrontation to get there: telling people they're no better than insects or squirrels isn't the way to encourage people to explore the outdoors. Punishing people for perceived negative behaviour isn't a way to encourage them into positive behaviour, it's a way to make them feel shit about their lives, and it's not going to guilt them into taking a walk in the park to watch the squirrels this ad makes them jealous of.

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I think i kinda agree with you on this, thats not the life of every human been in the entire planet otherwise that's bees you are talking about, and if so then the squirrel's life is also the same as a park ranger or something so quit your job and become a park ranger instead or come to the park and watch the squirrels?!!! Hey that makes a little more sense huh?!!! i think this ad is still missing a little push further to the point!

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Nice one Gerry.
There's nothing wrong with turning a closed question into a headline so long as the headline is intriguing enough to continue reading.

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Agreed, yes, I was too quick to call that one, 'Guest', and how diligent of you to find my name on my profile. It's only a cardinal sin when it points to disappointment.

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Love such long copy ads that are well written. Makes you really rethink your own perspective. Lovely.

.. / .-.. --- ...- . / .- -.. ...- . .-. - .. ... .. -. --.

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I love the long copy comments..! :-)

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Hey Jezza,

Sorry but I disagree with your comment and I think it's a very inexperienced copywriter who still abides by rules when writing. You should always look to push boundaries Ger. Like so many greater copywriters than us have said, 'Read all the rules. Then throw them out'. G man, I think you have to keep in mind your reader when writing it sounds basic but you'd be amazed how many copywriters forget that. Keep going G.

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Jason, in case I didn't get it across earlier, it was no sleight on your use of our craft. It wasn't a personal attack, I mismanaged my thinking, so you can lay off the elbowed nonsenses as soon as you're ready. And fuck the rules.

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Love it. As morse put it, this does make you rethink your perspective. We can always use some of that.

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I have to say Gerry that you are completely wrong with your first comment.

'learn the rules, then throw them out'.

Great ad. Excellent copy, entirely relevant to those that work in London. My only crit would be that the art direction is a bit tame but it works well enough.

Did I see this in campaign too this week?

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Love the copy.

I'm seeing a lot of long copy around at the moment.
Hopefully it's making a comeback so we can get more work like this.

Good job!

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I love this!

Well observed, carefully crafted and fun to boot. Made me want to eat my sandwich in Hyde Park today!

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Not too high on the art direction, but that's okay. Not too high on the copy, really either. But I'm American.

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Certainly caught my eye. You only don't get 10 because i'm jealous. I only read to change my perspective, this managed it beautifully.

MidasTouch's picture
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This graphism is beautiful.

//usevertising v.s badvertising//
C'est une question de vie ou de mort.

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Awesome copy, made me interested the whole time.


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