The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation: Chair

Second hand smoke in the home hospitalises 17,000 UK every year.

Advertising Agency: Chi & Partners, London, UK
Creative Director: Ewan Paterson
Art Directors / Copywriters: Clark Edwards, Nick Pringle
Photographer: Kelvin Murray
Account Director: Melanie Portelli
Planner: Sarah Clark
Typography: Dan Beckett, Craig Ward

December 2008


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whoa that's creepy. definitely got my attention. sobering statistic as well, i just wish there was some body copy if they're making a claim like this.

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damn smokers.


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This is absolutely fabulous! The adult sized arm and hand holding the cigarette fits perfectly with the image. Shock value is great. It doesn't need any copy....the message is clear.

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bab idea nothing new

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Done before...

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Yeah, I bet. Put up.

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the 'adult' arm may be a clever piece of photoshop, but it is completely unnecessary. The line says 'second-hand smoke'. But you see, if you only have a child holding a lit cigarette, it's a done image. So the adult arm had to be done.

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the adult arm is just the visualization of the 'second hand'. It's not because it's written that it's visually forbidden, is it? Here I think it really does add something to the ad, so ok for me.

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Who is this Calder Batman and why did he do it first? Why London Chi following Edmonton footprint.

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Very strong message indeed.

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This is Komolafe Oluwadamilola of Caleb university Lagos state-This message is a very clear message it deals about how forbidden the smoking of cigar is to the society.Smoking of cigar leads to cancer of the lungs and you have to help protect it by abstaining from smoking the cigar.

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